“Trivial Pursuit”, 2007

installation with 2tv`s and 2 pedestals, dvd-loop
shown at “Burning Marle”, Lokaal_01 Breda (NL), October 2007

The work consists of two identical tv`s that are placed on two identical pedestals. They are placed diagonically
on the opposite sides of a doorway, facing the wall. The slightly moving image of an eye is covering both screens,
turning the tv`s into “gazing objects”.

The work can be perceived in several ways, depending on the attentiveness of the viewer. It`s possible the viewer
only recognizes a television that is facing the wall. If the viewer stands in the door­way, he/she might discover the
eyes on the screens. And the fact that the eyes are watching each other, but that at the very moment the viewer
stands in the doorway, they also watch him/her.

Trivial Pursuit, 2007 Elif Saglam

Trivial Pursuit, 2007 Elif SaglamXXXXxXTrivial Pursuit, 2007 Elif Saglam