Submaximal, 2007 Elif Saglam

Submaximal, 2007 Elif Saglam

Submaximal, 2007

installation with app. 100m steel cable, 4 meat hooks, 3 bicycle
tires, 4 turnbuckles
shown at “Das Santiago Manifest” at Galeria Artes Visuales Matucana100, Santiago De Chile, October

Submaximal is a spatial installation that intents to turn the idea of tension and force into a pyhsical experience.
The central element are four meat hooks attached to several bycyle - tires that are folded several times in order to
make them stronger. The hooks are attached to steal cables that are strechted throughout the space. When the
cables are tightened the hooks start to pull open the tires. The tension is itensified by turnbuckles and driven up
just under the (submaximal) level of the tires bursting.

Important in this work are the physical qualities of the used materials, because they provide immediate
emotional associatoins. Like the tightened steal cables that are running throughout the space and show the great physical
force that is holding this construction together and that are attached to the dangerously sharp edges of the hooks,
pulling onto the elastical, and by this vulnerable tires. Another aspect is that the idea of force and tension is imposed

onto the viewer, who has no choice but to cross the space via the installation and is confronted with the implications
of the “submaximal” character of it and the consequenties, if the tires would burst.