Mr., 2004

Wire, confetti, black varnish
shown at the exhibition "Drievierde", Laeken, June 2004
and at "Archipel", BOAZ, Brussels, June 2005

This installation rests on the principle of recognition/alienation. The titel suggests that this work is some kind of
a portrait. And indeed there seems to be the slight presence of something like a "gaze" in these wire-sculptures.
But at the same time organical, uteral forms can be recognized aswell, which leads to simoultaneausly searching
and loosing a point of reference. This installtion can be seen as a three-dimensional Rorchach image. Or better,
as the vulgarised version of all the cliches that are associated with it.

Another aspect in these kind of "wire-works" is their dualistical nature. I like the idea that it is possible to fill up a
space, only by using thin wire. Just by bending and hanging this almost two-dimensional wire, it is still possible to
create a volume and turning the term of "space" into a concrete thing.

Mister, 2006, Elif Saglam

Mister, wire drawing, Elif Saglam

Mister (wire drawing), 2004