Fair play, 2008

b-w print, 70x100 cm, speakers, sound (Oguz Yılmaz, bas bas paraları Leyla'ya)

Small intervention during the Brussels Art Fair, where the HISK is represented each year with the HISKCafé.
The café is built by the artists, who also (have to) serve drinks to the visitors during the event. Since it is the
only spot where you can smoke, it is also the most crowded one. I kind of saw this coming and decided
to paste a poster up a wall of the stairways that lead to the café.
An old photograph that shows the typical "dancing-bear" that used to be "traditional street entertainment" in Turkey
until a couple of years ago (then prohibited due to animal cruelty). Additionally there was music playing, a rather cheap
song of how you should spent your money on Leyla, the belly dancer, because you don`t live twice. All in all the noisy
turkish music went well with the noise made by the chicken of Koen Van Mechelen, that were also present in a cage at
the art fair and just underneath the HISKCafé.