Connector`s items", 2006

two plugs, two sockets, electrical cord

In this work two plugs are connected with each other, which would normally lead to a short-circuit.
There seems to be no other function than this connection within itself.

The work plays with our daily perception and level of awarness towards our environment. Everyday objects
like electrical cables, plugs, etc. seem to have been assimilated within our environmental perception and have
become sort of evidencies. We do not conciously regognize them anymore. Often the viewer does not realize that
this construction is an impossibility right away. So by creating this artificial moment a rupture is created.

The title also suggests the presence of a third party, unknown to us. The objects seem to be in use of something
else than their actual purpose, carrying an element of the uncanny.

Further i also liked the sexual connotations of these objects.

Connector`s Items, 2006, Elif Saglam