Ain`t No Vietcong Calling Me Nigger, 2005

video-installation, dvd-loop, back-projection
Shown at the exhibitions "Archipel" at BOAZ, Brussels, June 2005
and "Mind the Depth" at "De Singel", Antwerp, February 2007

The viewer enters a pitch black room and gets stripped from his orientation. The only orientation point is the organical image of a heart-beat-like motion in the exact
center of the room. This image is the mouth of a cleansing fish that is sucking at an aquarium window, filmed in close-up.
The work is based on the principle of forcing a state of emotion and alienation onto the viewer, who has to struggle against his loss of orientation and only can turn
to this rather repelling image, that on the one hand resembles an ongoing, human-like heart beat, but at the same time refers to direct sexual action.
In this work I was interested in the unconcious processes of the viewer`s mind, when undergoing a confronting situation.

installation view at De Singel, Antwerp (B), February 2007, for the exhibition Mind The Depth

Elif Saglam, Ain`t No Vietcong Calling Me Nigger, 2007, De Singel, Antwerp, Mind The Depth