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Morbus Schlatter, 2007

Video installation; Dvd-loop 16.min 43sec., 7 wooden pilars
Realized during a working residency at Lokaal_01/Antwerp, January 2007

Morbus Schlatter is a large - scale installation. The focus is on a big video projection on a slant screen at the far back left corner of the space.
Several pilars are constructed and place throughout the room. They form a cadre round the projection and also integrate it within the space.
The viewer cannot enter the space but has to watch behind a long, but rather narrow window. So on the one hand there is a the big, almost monumental
installation, and on the other hand the physical obstacle to actually take part in it.
The film consists of a series of 4 slightly different, repetative images and movements. The images are speeden up or slowed down,
which leads to a different atmosphere in the way they are perceived, varying from fragile, to erotic, to sometimes violent moments. Although the images
carry certain symbolics, they still approach the viewer on an emotional level and lead him to a point of getting conciously aware of them.

Morbus Schlatter, 2007 @ Lokaal01 Antwerp, Elif Saglam
XXXXXMorbus Schlatter, 2007, installation @ Lokaal01 Antwerp, Elif Saglam

installation view at Lokaal01_Antwerpen (B)