Hoofden, 2005, Elif Saglam

Hoofden (hermetical multiplification), 2005

Dvd-loop, 13 min. 37 sec., back projection by 2 x 1,5 m.
Shown at the exhibiton "Overschilderen", STUCK - Leuven, May - June 2005

The film shows a close - up of two identical looking heads that slowly and continuously rub against each other.
It is a back projection, hanging in the exact center of a room and forming the center of it. Because of the slow motion
and the close - up there is a moment of alienation created and the viewer senses uncounciously what is going before directly recognizing it.
The inertia of the image and the organical play of lines of the hair create an intimate sphere on the one hand, but also evoque a feeling of
awkwardness at the same time. By this the work unites two opposite feelings. The actual action is rather hermetical, the two heads seem
to be fixated to each other and isolated from the outside world. This makes them vulnerable. By using a back projection the hermetics is
being doubled and and intensified.