Callibration, 2006

Aluminium javlin, elastical cord, 2 metal hooks

Callibration is an exercise in balance. An elastical cord is being attached between ceiling and floor and is carrying
a javlin, by being turned around it on time. The elasical cord is stretched out and tightened, until the moment the
javlin is balanced out in a perfect horizontal position. This moment is very fragile and can be destroyed with the
slightest disturbance.

Important in this work is the dialectical momentum that has been created. Not the materiality of the aluminium
javlin is the strong element in this installation, but it is the flexible, elastical cord, that has been stretched out and
tightened so much, that it has become the stronger part. The aluminium javlin has ben transformed into the weaker,
"fragile element", because it can be easily distorted and brought out of balance.

Callilbration, Elif Saglam, 2006

Callibration, 2006, Elif Saglam